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Strothkamp's Paint Center is more than just a paint store. We match colors, rent tools, and can recommend the best painting contractors to help you turn a house into "your home."

Our Services

Painter Recommendations


Finding the perfect color is only part of challenge. We can help you with finding the right person/company to paint a wall, a room, or your entire house. We keep a list of the best painters for specific jobs and situations. We'll help you find the prefect person for your job. 

Strothkamp's Paint Center refers painters and paint contractors.
Strothkamp;'s Paint Center rents pressure washers and airless paint sprayers.

Tool Rental


Need the right tool to get the job done?  We can help there as well. We rent pressure washers, airless paint sprayers, and floor sanders. Rent them by the day or week. Our experienced staff will show you how to properly use the tool to get the best results.

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