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Strothkamp's Paint Center caters to painters and painting contractors. We offer special pricing and free delivery. We can also help you bid, figure and choose the right products for your jobs.

Strothkamp's Paint Center serves the painting contractor.

Special Pricing & Delivery

We know what it means to be a painter as we were union painters ourselves. We'll make sure to give the best pricing we can including volume discounts on paint, stains and painting supplies. Better yet, we'll deliver your paint to your job site morning, noon or evening.


We don't just sell paint to our painters and contractors we also refer them to our customers. Whether you want small, medium or large jobs, we ensure ease to our customers by connecting them with high-quality painters and painting contractors like yourself.

Help With Jobs

We take service to the next level by providing help to our contractors. We will come on site to inspect jobs, provide application tips, help with figuring jobs, and custom paint matching. We will work with you to make it easy for you to work with us.

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